Seperation anxiety and its treatment with xanax

A type of anxiety that is caused when an individual is separated from their loved ones or persons, whom they consider as important, is known as separation anxiety. This is most common in children or anyone below 18 years of age. The immaturity and lack of exposure to the outer world might feed the reason for being anxious about separation. xanax for separation anxietyThis is also recorded in pet animals like cats and dogs, after being separated from their respective owners or pet keepers. This may result in getting into a state of depression, provoking anxiety.

Xanax is a potent drug that is used to treat panic disorders, anxiety caused due to depression or any sort of anxiety in general. Treating separation anxiety with Xanax is a proven method in both children and pet animals, as the effectiveness and success ratio is relatively high than any other drug that is originally not meant to treat anything of this kind.

What are the ways to know if your child is dealing with separation anxiety?

Typically, the symptoms are self-diagnosable. Few symptoms that may seem too obvious in children suffering from separation anxiety are:

  • Unusual, severe and extreme crying
  • Crying at regular intervals
  • Refusing to go to school
  • Headaches, vomiting or other similar physical illness
  • Clinging to loved ones or parents
  • Violent mood swings, emotionally losing temper
  • Refusing to sleep alone
  • Nightmares
  • Failing to interact or communicate with other people of the same age group
  • Performing poor in school
  • Refusing to do anything that requires separation

Even though all these symptoms may fluctuate based on the mindset of each individual or they might show just a few or additional symptoms, these are most easily recognized by the parents. The condition is high likely to be affecting the children due to the method of upbringing.

How to help your child get through separation anxiety along with Xanax medication?

Medication of any type alone might not be useful to get over this condition, especially in the case of a child. Psychological therapy is a must to help your child completely recover from separation anxiety. Methods that you may implicate along with Xanax medication to treat separation anxiety are:

  • Child-directed interaction (CDI) – focus on enhancing the child-parent relationship quality by showing affection and praising them.
  • Bravery-directed interaction (BDI) – briefing parents about the reason behind the anxious feeling in their child. This is carried forward by rewarding your children for positive gestures.
  • Parent-directed interaction (PDI) – teaching parents to communicate with their child more vividly. This aids in the management of poor behavior.

Lower dosage of Xanax may prove effective to help children overcome separation anxiety disorder, only after making sure that the child is psychologically stable.

How to recover this separation anxiety with Xanax?

Even though Xanax is not recommended for children or anyone below the age of 18, treating separation anxiety disorder with Xanax is proven to be effective in children. Lower dosage strength of 0.25 mg 0.5 mg is generally preferred to start the medical course, with the necessity of increase in dosage with successive days might be levied upon the improvement exhibited by the children. Giving your children Xanax without doctor’s consultation can prove fatal as it is a very potent pill and will either worsen the condition or show no effect at all. Never risk or experiment the drug with your children, if it does not seem to be showing any effect after 4 weeks of medication, stop consuming Xanax and inform your doctor or pediatrician.